The Lazerton Church dig diary – Postscript

The day after the dig ended it poured with rain, leaving me very relieved that we had finished everything the day before. I am still puzzled why our huge southern ditch/quarry, the base of which is over 1.5m lower that the water level in the nearby River (trickle) Iwerne, doesn’t fill with water – we need to do some thinking about the hydrology of the area.

It’s always sad backfilling a site, seeing a site that you have cleaned, towelled and brushed disappear back under the soil that you have so painstakingly removed. To protect the exposed levels (and make it easier when we come back next year) we put down a layer of geo-textile membrane. As we ‘wrapped’ the site prior to burial I did wonder whether we could apply for an Arts Council grant – it looked very similar to other ‘wrapping’ projects I have seen over the years. Check the photos!

So, there’s just the finds processing, record checking and report writing to do… I’ll keep you posted.

Julian Richards
WAFA Lead Archaeologist

54 The church prior to backfilling_Adrian's loader a welcome bonus

55 Arts Council grant anyone