The Lazerton Church dig diary 2015 – Sunday 19th July

Another busy day – we had three Young Archaeologist Club prize-winners on site for a day’s digging experience, as well as a visit from the Shaftesbury Archaeology Group. The YACS made some great discoveries, from a second burial to one of our few pieces of copper alloy. Not bad for a first day on site. The pit that is cut by the southern ditch is large and deep and is producing some distinctively early looking pottery. I hope that it turns out to be early medieval,or even late Saxon, but, to use a stock archaeological phrase, ‘I’d like to see it washed’. We have a peculiar circular patch of greensand fragments in our trench through the centre of the church – the only interpretation that we can come up with at the moment is a font base. Nigel and Neil from Geoflow (who have taught our geophysics courses), came to have a look and were roped in to digging the northern ditch. This too is not post-medieval but deeper and medieval. (I hope that it’s not on the scale of the southern ditch.)

20 Sunday and we played host to 3 young YAC competition winners

21 Mike Allen explaining some of the odd soils in the big southern ditch

22 Two of our YAC competition winners

23 Julie and Alan working on our first burial