The Lazerton Church dig diary 2015 – Monday 20th July

A momentous day – we had all three of our WAFA directors, Adair Somerville Ford (from our sponsors ICM), Francis Taylor from CBA Wessex and Marjoleine Butler not only on site, but also digging! It was Adair’s first time on a dig… Despite this we managed to get quite a lot done. The southern ditch is now as complete as we can get it this year and was cleaned up by Dave, who had dug most of it and photographed by Alan. The northern ditch gets bigger… We are still struggling to define the southern wall and the interior of the church where we are investigating, it looks more and more as if a large hole has been dug in it after the building.

The more we investigate outside the church the greater the contrast in the finds from north and south sides. To the south there are large quantities of pottery, nails and animal bones, but mainly pottery. To the north there is nothing but fragments of bone, much recognisable human.

Only four more days digging before we have to concentrate on final recording. It could be an evening shift tomorrow, followed by a visit to the Blandford chippy!

24 First time on a dig for Adair Somerville Ford (one of the WAFA directors!)

25 A typical day's cake ration (after inroads)

26 Marjoleine planning the 'font'

27 Alan photographing the big southern ditch

28 The southern ditch cuts an earlier medieval pit

29 From the left  - Julian Richards (lead archaeologist) and WAFA directors Majoeine Butler, Adair Somervlile Ford and Francis Taylor

30 A happy barrower