We are hoping that WAFA will be a resource that is used by schools within the Wessex area who are keen to find out how to explore the history and archaeology of their local environment.

The ‘What’s Under Your School’ project that was delivered by CBA Wessex to around 40 schools in Dorset and Wiltshire during 2012/13 allowed us to develop a range of novel techniques for teaching archaeology and landscape history. To see the range of projects that we delivered take a look at the project website www.whatsunderyourschool.org.

Archaeology is about hands on exploration: reading a landscape, finding primary evidence and working out how it can be used to tell a story.

Starting in the summer term 2014 we can deliver the following services:

Exploring the past/how to be an archaeologist. In school workshops – whole or half day. Suitable for class sized group.
Reading a landscape. Based at WAFA at Ash Farm. Whole or half day workshops involving a farm walk looking for clues, finds study and (for whole day visit) an introduction to excavation. Suitable for class sized group.
Teacher training workshops – at school; or at WAFA.
  • Archaeology, evidence and stories from the past
  • Prehistory – an introduction (relevant for new KS2 curriculum)
  • These workshops can be delivered to groups of up to 20.

At WAFA we have access to a wide range of teaching resources, from real and replica artefacts to our ‘indoor dig’ (as shown in the film on the What’s Under Your School? website). We can show you how to access information about your local area, how to make prehistoric pottery from what you can dig up and even arrange your own excavation!

Please contact Julian Richards and Claire Ryley (jointly responsible for developing the education resources at the New Stonehenge Visitor Centre – http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/publications/stonehenge-teachers-kit/) if you would like to develop a history/archaeology project at your school.