What is WAFA?

WAFA started out as an idea from the Wessex branch of the CBA (Council for British Archaeology) in early 2013. It grew out of the realisation that many of those who have a fascination with archaeology would love to be able to get involved with its practicalities. They would like to learn how to ‘read’ landscapes, how to recognise ancient finds and how to dig. But there was a problem – there was nowhere in the Wessex area that all these skills were being taught.

So this was the reason behind WAFA – to provide a venue where a wide range of ways of investigating the past could be taught within the setting of a long term landscape study.

It needed a number of ingredients to make the initial idea work:

A home – through the generosity of the Russell family this was found at Ash Farm, near Stourpaine in Dorset.
A vision for what WAFA could offer – this came from Julian Richards – WAFA’s lead archaeologist and CBA member. Contact Julian at: archaeology@wafa.org.uk
Funding – through the generosity of Alistair Somerville Ford of ICM – someone with a passion for history and making the past come alive.

With all the ingredients in place, WAFA is go!